Pinewoods Morris Men



Group photo


One of our finer moments. The scary part is, we're still sober.


The calm before the storm.


Traditional first stand in the A&P parking lot



Fieldtown processional


PMM big band and homing beacon: Michael Havey and Deborah Kruskal.


Dangerously close to a straight line


Frank plants a kiss on an unsuspecting bystander. Brad is still glowing from his.


Jamie, Brad and Steve teach some young daffodils a dance



10th Anniversary tour of the then Harrisville Morris Men, 1990

Doing what we do best: milling about


L-R: Mike Havey, Brad Sayler, Herb Nichol, Ed Mason, Joe Kynoch, Rick Conant, Mark Baker




1998 Tour of England

Truth in advertising as Frank and David go on a walking tour


Touring with the Traditional Ilmington Morris Men.
L-R: Joe Kynoch, Bill Cronin, Mike Havey, David Conant,
?, Frank Attanasio, ?, Tim Radford, with Tom Kruskal playing.


In the church at Adderbury


Despite a rain delay, we manage to do Casey at the Bat,
a modern version of Fieldtown Balance the Straw.


Marlboro Ale

Throwing out the first pitch for...


Casey at the Bat at the Saturday show dance.


Doing more of what we do best.


2001: Saturday morning big band and processional


Massed dancing


A mini-massed dance with Mayfield Morris


After some heavy rain, the Saturday show dances mercifully end with Bonnie Green Garters